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    I. LAND USE. PLANNING AND ZONING. This was originally studied together in 1967; consensus was reached in 1971; Land Use restudied and consensus updated in 1974; Planning and Zoning restudied (with no additional consensus) in 1975. Both areas were combined as one item again in 1975. page element.




Protection of Human Rights.   League members desire the creation of a hea1thful environment which takes into account the quality of life and provides greatest benefits to the greatest numbers of citizens, present and future.


Cooperation in Planning and Zoning _ A good master plan is characterized by continuous review and updating. A master plan should be used as a guide.   Changes should be made only after very careful consideration. Final authority for implementing the master plan should rest with elected officials. The planning department and the planning commission should be consulted about any changes in the master plan, and their recommendations should carry some weight.  We fully support cooperation between municipalities and county planning agencies.            .


Housing. We oppose any changes in the zoning regu1ations which could decrease the supply of low-cost housing. We believe that all counties in the Metro area should share in the provision of housing for low-income people.


A good master plan should provide for a sufficient number of multiple family dwellings. In meeting the housing needs of all groups, especially low-income and elderly, we recognize the necessity of a balanced mass transportation system. We support the development of a housing code that sets mini­mum standards and protects both tenant and landlord.  In the absence of a housing code, the Health Department should be given authority to bring about needed changes wherever hazardous conditions exist.

Educational Program in P1anning and Zoning.   A broad education program dealing with planning and zoning is necessary. Schools should include planning and zoning education in their citizenship courses. The news media should be urged to participate in the education of the public concerning matters of planning and zoning.


Open Space Planning.   League members agree that open space preservation must be a part of land use planning and that the county and cities should establish a program to purchase such land. Developers should be required to donate land for parks or greenbelts before their development is approved


Flood Plain Preservation.. League members agree that continuous control of flood plains is essential to protect aquifer recharge areas and to preserve esthetic values. The development of all housing, including mobile homes, should be discouraged in flood plains.


Protection of Agricultural Land.. Recognizing that Adams County has a unique resource in its prime agricultural land, we urge that every effort be made to preserve and protect this resource.


Limitations on Growth.  Recognizing the limitations of natural resources such as water and clean air, we urge that efforts to "sell Colorado" be curtailed. We insist that proposed new developments be carefully and thoroughly evaluated for total environmental impact before they are approved.




This study was completed in the spring of 1981, and the consensus statements were approved at the June, 1981 meeting of the Board of Directors.        .




Health Department services should be available for all age groups with emphasis on areas and persons that do not otherwise have these services available. Preventive services should be emphasized. Low income persons should have priority, but services should be assessed on a sliding scale up to actual cost.


Periodic assessment of needs for specific health services should be done by both the health depart­ment and the county commissioners in cooperation with as much citizen input as possible.  (Minority opinion favored use of an independent agency to assess the need for services, if necessary.)


Duplication of hea1th services should be avoided except when alternative services are not adequate to meet the needs. If the cost of available services is prohibitive for low income persons, the health department may need to continue to provide service for low income people. Cooperation with other agencies should be encouraged.


Priorities for services shou1d be set according to periodic assessment of needs and should take into account cost, need and availability of a1temative services. (Minority opinion favored emphasis on prevention.)


There was no consensus on how to evaluate cost effectiveness.  Cost effectiveness is only one determinant for evaluating services. Prevention does not always show immediate results. We will keep the study open and look at state guidelines when they are available.       


Efforts should be made to improve communications between the county commissioners and the health department budget process.   Monitoring by citizens (such as L WV Observer Corps) might encourage better communication.           .



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