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Not for Women Only



APRIL 2018                               

Meeting Location: Community Reach Center

11285 High Line Dr, Northglenn


Meetings are held from September thru May.  

On the second Monday of each month we have evening meetings in Room 201(Bob's Place) from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  Arrive at 6:15 for coffee.

On the fourth Monday of each month we have morning meetings in the Hawaii Room from 11:30am to 12:30pm. 

Board Meetings: The dates are noted on the calendar. Members are invited to attend.

Please be aware of possible changes in meeting times or places and special events. Changes will appear on this calendar and/or on the website. An attempt will be made to contact all members.


For information, directions or a ride:

Please call one of the Members of the Board of Directors

(See sidebar)


League Calendar


April 9th ANNUAL MEETING   6:00 PM




Members:  Please plan to attend the Annual Meeting which starts at 6:00 PM on Monday, April 9.  We plan to serve a light supper.  You can sit down and dine with a member, and we have many NEW members you have been wanting to talk to, but haven't yet.  The business meeting will begin around 6:30 PM and we will make it go as fast as possible.  We really need your presence to make a quorum, but really, we'd LOVE to have you.?


Marge Innes


April 16th: Board Meeting


Board meetings are open to all members.

Please contact any board member for the monthly board meeting location and time.


April 23rd @ 11:30 am: 




League Meetings:


Meetings are held from September through May.  All meetings are held at Community Reach Center, 11285 Highline Drive, Northglenn, CO  80233.  On the second Monday of each month we have evening meetings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Room 201 (Bob’s Place).  On the fourth Monday of each month we have morning meetings from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 pm in the Hawaii Room.  There are no December meetings.


board Meetings:


The dates for Board Meetings are on the calendar.  Members are welcome and invited to attend.

               ANNUAL MEETING  APRIL 9TH



















We need members to join the Board.

Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the Annual Meeting.  Board meeting times can be changed to accommodate new members.





Tuesday, May 29th: Last day to change affiliation or become unaffiliated to receive your desired primary ballot.

Monday, June 4th: First day you might receive your primary ballot in the mail.
Monday, June 18th: Last day to register to vote and still receive a primary ballot in the mail.

Tuesday, June 26th: Primary Election.

Monday, October 15th: First day you might receive your general election ballot in the mail.

Monday, October 29th: Last day to register to vote and still receive a general election ballot in the mail.

Tuesday, November 6th: General Election Day!


People can register to vote or change their party affiliation at govotecolorado.com or by texting “CO” to “2Vote.
Coloradans can also register or change registration information by appearing in person at their county clerk’s offices, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office


Be a Mock Juror - Boulder, CO - April 14th

New Case:

Subject matter involves fracking.


Help us raise funds by participating in NITA’s “Building Trial Skills: Rocky Mountain program”.  This is an important fundraiser for our local League, and is also interesting and fun!  


When:   Saturday, April 14, 2018

Where:  NITA’s Education Center:

1685 38th St, Suite 200, Boulder, CO



  • Morning trials – 8:00 a.m. arrival

(coffee & tea). 

  • Trials are from 8:30-11:30 a.m.
  • Luncheon - 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for all
  • Afternoon trials – 12:00 p.m. arrival

(or for lunch)                                 

  • Afternoon trials - 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.


E-mail ctompkins@nita.org and let Claire Tompkins, Programs Project Specialist for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), know which session you would like to attend.  You are welcome to attend both sessions.

After you notify NITA that you plan to attend, please let Shirley Mrochek (kmro1@msn.com) know so we can carpool and so we know who is going.


Compensation:  $25.00 per juror per trial. Jurors are paid in cash at the conclusion of each trial.






By Pat Lewis

We hope you already have Saturday June 16, 2018 at 6:30 pm at Spero’s Winery on your calendar.  RSVP by June 9th as we have limited space.

Spero’s Winery address is 3316 West 64th Avenue in Denver.

This is a wonderful way to spend an evening with family and friends and to financially support our League.  Clyde and June Spero
are our hosts.

Clyde pours the wine as you will be able to sample 16 different wines.

To accompany the wine June prepares a fabulous buffet with multiple antipastos, trays of various salamis and cheese, meatballs with sauce, sausage with peppers & onions, soft cheese with wine jelly and grapes.

For dessert we have homemade Italian cookies and fresh strawberries with chocolate and ambrosia dips.  So bring your appetites.

Cost is $40.00 per person ($10.00 goes to our League for educational activities).

RSVP to Shirley Mrochek at 303-452-0598 or email
kmro1@msn.com by June 9th.  We look forward to seeing you all there.


Join us at the

9th annual Frank Shorter RACE4Kids’ Health

5K and Expo

on Sunday, April 8th, 2018,

at the 1ST BANK CENTER in Broomfield!

We were invited to this event and

will have three League members

conducting a Voter Registration Drive

from 7:00 am ‘til 12 noon.


See you there!



Unaffiliated voters: This one's for U


Colorado Secretary of State sent this bulletin on 03/23/2018


Unaffiliated voters:

U might get two ballots.

U only get to vote one.


Don't spoil it.


That's the message Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams will deliver to unaffiliated voters in a statewide campaign that will launch March 30th in Grand Junction.  Another event will be held on April 3rd in Colorado Springs and Denver.


Coloradans in 2016 approved a measure that allows unaffiliated voters to automatically participate in primary elections and without having to declare affiliation with either the Democratic or Republican parties. Unaffiliated voters can participate in only one party's primary. If voters know which ballot they'd rather receive they can go to www.GoVoteColorado.com and check a preference, otherwise they will receive both the Democratic and the Republican ballots in the mail.


That's where the "Don't spoil it" comes in.


"If a voter returns both the Republican and Democratic ballots and marks up races in each one, neither ballot will count. That's the law," Williams said. "Our goal with this campaign is to let unaffiliated voters know they can participate in the primary election, that they can state a preference for a ballot and they should only mark one ballot if they get two."



2018 Governor’s Race

Candidate Questionnaire


Credit given to The Colorado Independent


The Colorado Independent this year sent a questionnaire to each of the 2018 candidates for Colorado governor. The questionnaire consisted of 20 yes/no questions, plus some follow-ups and room for short answers.


Of the 19 candidates running, 13 answered the questionnaire in full. Two candidates, Democrats Jared Polis and Donna Lynne, would not answer any yes/no questions but provided short-answer responses. Democrat Cary Kennedy and Republican Doug Robinson answered most, but not all, of the yes/no’s. Republicans Cynthia Coffman and Walker Stapleton chose not to respond to the questionnaire at all.


The answers to the yes/no questions are in the link below — toggle between Democrats, Republicans and Also Filed using the tabs at the bottom of the sheet. Click a candidate’s name to read their full responses.




Democratic leader in state Senatesteps down, cites misconduct


Credit given to the Associated Press


The Democratic state Senate minority leader stepped down on March 22nd, citing frustration with majority Republicans’ handling of workplace harassment allegations.


Sen. Lucia Guzman of Denver has struggled this legislative session with Senate Republican leaders over the handling of sexual misconduct allegations against three Republican lawmakers.


Her caucus has demanded floor debate on sanctions against Republican Sen. Randy Baumgardner, who stepped down as chair of the chamber’s transportation committee after an independent investigator found that claims he harassed a former legislative aide were credible.


Baumgardner denies wrongdoing, and Senate President Kevin Grantham has refused to allow debate.


Grantham described some of the anonymous accusations against senators as tantamount to “assault” and he has urged prosecutors to investigate harassment complaints at the Capitol.


Sen. Larry Crowder was accused by Democratic Rep. Susan Lontine of sexual harassment.  He denied wrongdoing. And

KUNC-FM has reported a third harassment investigation against another senator is continuing.


The Legislature’s workplace harassment policy calls, in most cases, for lawmakers handling complaints to keep them confidential.


Grantham declined to immediately comment on Guzman’s announcement, saying he would issue a statement after business on the Senate floor.


The term-limited Guzman was replaced by Sen. Leroy Garcia of Pueblo. Guzman will serve out her final term as assistant minority leader, and she said she would use that time to fight workplace harassment.


Guzman said the last straw was Republicans’ condemnation of Democratic Sen. Daniel Kagan, who last week was among several Democratic senators demanding floor debate on Baumgardner’s conduct.


Kagan on Friday cited explicit language in Colorado’s criminal code on sexual harassment to argue the level of alleged misconduct being addressed in the Senate didn’t rise to that required for referring complaints to prosecutors.


Republicans this week condemned Kagan’s explicit language. Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik filed a formal harassment complaint against Kagan, alleging she caught him using a women’s restroom last year.


Kagan insisted the restroom was unmarked and that, as a freshman in the Senate, he made an honest mistake. He, Guzman and other Democrats contended the GOP was trying to deflect attention from their demands for debate.


“To see my colleague have to go through that, through something that is based on lies, makes it impossible for me to meet the leadership of the Republican caucus eye-to-eye,” Guzman said.


Democrats introduced a resolution calling for debate on possible expulsion of Baumgardner after Rep. Steve Lebsock, a Democrat, was expelled March 9 in the Democrat-led House over misconduct allegations.  




RTD Director Barbara Deadwyler hosts telephone town hall


Public can ask questions and participate in polls during the forum


DENVER (March 28, 2018) – The Regional Transportation District and Director Barbara Deadwyler will host a telephone town hall session at 6:15 p.m. on April 4 for District B, covering portions of Denver, Aurora and unincorporated Adams County. The director and RTD staff will be available to share updates for the region and to answer questions from participants during this hour-long event.


Participants in the telephone town hall can learn the latest about current bus and light rail service, RTD’s FasTracks transit expansion program and other projects underway. These interactive calls allow RTD board directors and staff to have a conversation with members of the communities that the agency serves. Participants will have the opportunity to ask Director Deadwyler questions and participate in live polls during the event by using their keypads to answer or to enter responses through the RTD website. 


About 30,000 residents in each of the 15 RTD districts will be called at random through an automated system and invited to take part in the public telephone forum. Interested participants are encouraged to pre-register to receive a call when the event starts by visiting the RTD website or by calling on the date and time of the event to 877-229-8493 and entering the code 112070.


RTD Telephone Town Hall Event

District B, Director Barbara Deadwyler

Wednesday, April 4, from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m.


For more information, please contact Christina Zazueta, RTD’s community engagement manager, at Christina.Zazueta@rtd-denver.com or




The Regional Transportation District develops, operates and maintains a public transportation system that meets the transit needs of close to 3 million people within an eight-county service area in the Denver Metro region. The agency’s buses, rail lines, shuttles and additional services provide 100 million annual passenger trips. For more information, visit rtd-denver.com, call 303-299-6000 and follow along on social media: www.facebook.com/RideRTD, @RideRTD on Twitter, @ridertd on Instagram and rideRTDco on YouTube.





By Marge Innes


Our meeting on Monday March 26 was presented by Phil Nelson, a retired geologist who lives in Golden.  Since retirement he has become a spokesman for the Citizens' Climate Lobby.  Their main purpose is to make sure that carbon dioxide emissions day by day, year by year go down.  Why?  Carbon dioxide forms a barrier around the earth's atmosphere holding temperatures around the planet higher.  To cut down on the emissions of CO2, their goal is to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels burned in manufacturing, transportation, etc. 


In order to decrease the amount of fuel used, they feel prices of fossil fuels must be raised making them more expensive to use.  The taxes levied on fossil fuels would be collected at the national level.  Part of the money collected would be returned to the states to do with as they see fit.  Some states will return it to citizens.


There are climate lobbyists all over the U.S.   They lobby their legislators and citizens like us on these ideas and try to make them aware.  Once a year the lobbyists assemble in Washington. D.C. to meet with their senators and representatives.  Around the world in many countries there are also lobbyists who have the same goals as those in the U.S.


It was an interesting talk.

March 26 was presented by Phil Nelson, a retired geologist wh

By Judy Nicholaisen


At our March 12th meeting Toni Larson, President of LWVCO, explained some of the redistricting, what it is not, and what Fair Districts Colorado is doing to write a bill.  



The LWVCO Board established a Redistricting Committee in January 2017 with the inclusion of Redistricting as part of LWVCO's Making Democracy Work Goal. LWVCO is a non-partisan participant in a coalition with unaffiliated, Republican and Democrat members called Fair Districts Colorado (FDC).  FDC is working to place congressional and legislative redistricting initiatives on Nonmember 2018 state ballot.  These initiatives would establish independent commissions for both legislative and congressional redistricting to do the redistricting work required after each census.  The structure of each commission will be four Democrats, four Republicans and four unaffiliated members. 



Redistricting Proposal Headed for November Ballot

By Peggy Gonder


Part of Making Democracy Work is ensuring that our Congressional and legislative districts are “competitive” – meaning that any legislator or Congressperson must be responsive to their constituents and not cater to the most extreme elements of one political party.  Non-competitive districts are the result of “gerrymandering”. 


An example of such extremes is Wisconsin, whose voter registrations are fairly equal:  48% of residents are Democrats and 52% are Republicans, but almost two-thirds of the legislative districts have been drawn to overwhelmingly favor Republicans. A district court found the districts unconstitutional. The case has been appealed to the US Supreme Court.


The League of Women Voters of Colorado has been working for more than a year with a coalition called Fair Districts Colorado to develop two ballot proposals – one that would create fair legislative districts and the second for fair Congressional districts. Two ballot measures are necessary because an earlier effort was thrown out for violating the state’s single subject rule.


“Only three of Colorado’s House Districts are truly competitive and only six of the state Senate districts are truly competitive,” said Toni Larson, LWVCO state president, at the March 12 Adams County LWV meeting.


Fair Districts Colorado, in coalition with a group called People Not Politicians, developed proposals that would set up two commissions with appointees containing equal numbers (four commissioners each) from the two major political parties and four unaffiliated.  Colorado Legislative Council and Legal Services staff would draw the maps, not the political party in power.


Colorado is the first state to include unaffiliated voters as part of the commission. 


The measure must pass with 55 percent of the vote.  The coalition has asked the legislature to refer the measure to voters.  If that fails, members are gearing up for a petition drive. If approved by voters, the new system would take effect in 2020, following the census.


Since the meeting, news has broken that a second group working on a ballot measure to address gerrymandering has agreed to join forces with Fair District, increasing chance of passage.

o lives in Golden.  Since retirement he has become a spokesman 


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LWV of Adams County is on Facebook!  Laura Harris is our new Facebook page manager (thank you, Laura!).  


Like our page and keep up with League news, events, legislative actions, and helpful resources. www.facebook.com/lwvadamscountyco/


Please help to keep our Facebook page as active and informative as possible.  Send Laura Harris any information that you think should be on our Facebook Page and it will be reviewed for relevance and accuracy.  Thanks for participating in keeping our Facebook page interesting.

Summary of LWV Adams County 2018 Planning & Nominating Committee Meeting

by Judy Nicholaisen and Laura Harris


Nominating Committee – Contact League members and ask how they are interested in participating in 2018
Marge Innes (Board)
Karen Connor

Send a Message PDF Find link of SoS site and post on website & Facebook
Laura Harris (Facebook) Betty Culp (website)

Organize Voter Registration Drives

Candidate Forums (state legislators & county commissioners) pursue hosting with Northglenn/Thornton Chamber of Commerce
Karen Connor
Peggy Gonder

Redistricting Education

Ballot Issues Education (circulate booklet/ outreach)

Redistricting Petitions Signature Gathering - need volunteers to gather signatures at grocery stores
April - Summer
Jean Fredlund

Make League More Relevant to the Adams County Community - Need to identify issues that local community cares about to attract more people to League. Also need to explain why issues are important to community and how they impact community. Possible sources of info: focus groups, newspapers, libraries, New Era Colorado, Young Invincibles, mosques, schools. Host community meet & greets at local restaurants. Host community happy hours.
Peggy Gonder has some contacts
The LWV Adams County Board (meet & greets, happy hours, community breakfast meetings)

Get League Meetings Published in Local Newspapers Northglenn/Thornton Sentinel, Westminster Window, Your Hub (Denver Post), Commerce City Beacon (Lisa Forbes has list)
September – May
Laura Harris Peggy Gonder (Your Hub)


Submit any questions, comments, concerns, or program ideas or requests for   Apri  through May 2018 to Marge Innes.


ANY SUGGESTIONS? Image result for suggestions clip art

Submit any questions, comments, concerns, program ideas or requests for February through May 2018 to Marge Innes.  This is your League.  If you have a program idea, help us to make it happen.



Submit any suggestions or recommendations for the May 2018 Voter articles to the Voter Editor.

  For information or directions:

Image result for contact clip art

Please contact any board member. (See Sidebar)

Need a ride to a meeting? Just ask!


The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy.


 Become a Member
Dues are $60 per year, pro-rated after January 1st to September 15th. This covers the cost of our local League’s pledge to the National LWVUS and its publication “The Voter” issued 4 times a year plus the state League and its publication “Colorado Voter” (published quarterly). The financial support of our local league activities, including the newsletter and other publications, registration for workshops and special projects, comes from member donations above the $60.00 level. We appreciate any donations in excess of the dues. Thank you for your consideration. Dues levels are as follows:

Friend $60.00 (basic dues)

Sustaining $75.00
Advocate $100.00
.Checks may be made payable to LWV of Adams County and mailed to:


Name __________________________________ _______________________________
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Number and Street City Zip Code
I will need a ride to meetings: _________Yes __________No

lisa Forbes, Voter Editor
LWV of Adams County

Contact: Pat Lewis





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